Straight From Mickey

When me and my family go back to our native south to visit family, one thing is an absolute. Before anyone is allowed to head back west, my little Greek mother, Madelyn, is going to gather all the family around the piano and everyone (and this means everyone) sings as a family. The last song that we sing is the old Hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand.”

This song has been proclaimed by Big Mama as the official family song. And by the way, I think that you should know that “Big Mama” is a matriarchal term of respect for the senior matriarch in a Southern family, not an indication of her size. If you wish to imply otherwise, you are on your own, as you could incur her Greek wrath.

The older I get, the more I look forward to this family event and I love the feeling that comes as time stands still for a few minutes. I have learned to love and appreciate the strength that I draw from my mother and father, my little sister, and my two brothers. The roots of my raising run deep.

I believe strongly that there is a lack of nutrition in the world today, and not all nutrition is food that you physically eat. With all of the pressure and stress that our fast-paced society places on us, and with both parents working to make ends meet, we have stopped gathering our families together around the guitar, the piano, or on the patio. We have allowed the television to raise our children and have forgotten how important the human touch really is. My wish for you and yours is, that when you order from MickeyRay’s that for a brief period of time, you are able to lay down your stresses, shut out the outside world, and enjoy one another.

The recipes that you get to enjoy from MickeyRay’s are authentic and are a product of years of developing them to perfection. Also included on the menu are several family recipes. We proudly serve only Certified Angus Beef and All Natural Premium Pork. Our recipes are made with the finest ingredients and the proof is on your plate.

I am convinced that families and friends should gather up more often around your guitar, your piano, or on your patio, and enjoy MickeyRay’s, where you can gitcha a little sumpin’ sumpin’!